Property Division - Settlements

Even if it is hard to agree on how to split it, money is relatively easy to distribute between two people. Property is much more difficult to distribute. Most property can’t be divided. Instead, it needs to be properly assessed for value so that assets can be fairly distributed. In some cases, property will need to be sold in order to fairly distribute assets.

Maureen C. Repetto has contacts in the real estate industry that will ensure fair assessments of all property. This means the property you keep won’t be overvalued and the property you give up won’t be undervalued. It also means that we can arrange fair sales when necessary.

Our experience with property division allows us to make fair settlements that consider all aspects of property ownership. This includes taking into account future taxation and potential future sales when determining fair distributions, alimony, and child support. If you have joint property that needs to be divided, contact us to learn more.

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